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Series Preview: Detroit Tigers @ Seattle Mariners

Seattle: 16-28
Detroit: 25-19

-42.7 (29th) -1.0 18.9 (7th) Detroit
FIELDING (?) 19.3 (4th) 2.0 10.9 (12th) Seattle
0.2 (17th) 1.8 -13.4 (26th) Seattle
-2.8 (22nd) 0.0 10.5 (6th) Detroit
-26.0 (22nd) 2.8 26.9 (10th) DETROIT


Two game series are kind of neat as a change from the usual three and occasional four game variety, but they lose whatever luster they have from being an oddity when three of your last four series have been two gamers. How I long for a nice four game series, or longer. You know what makes sense? The five game series that they use in the minors. Make each team go through their entire rotation. It would also cut travel expenses almost in half and allow us fans to develop more rivalries with other teams and players because we would become more familiar with other teams playing them for five games at a time. This makes so much sense.

I was sitting here drinking a Diet Snapple that I got for free when I noticed the "Made from the Best Stuff on Earth" tagline. I checked the ingredient list but didn't see "Franklin Gutierrez" so I am now less convinced that Snapple is an honest organization when it comes to PR.

Also, I just realized that I took the Snapple from the sidewalk promoter without second thought. I have also done this plenty of times with free Monsters that are routinely given out after games at Qwest Field. Someone could bottle poison and kill a lot of people so as long as they were savvy with labeling. I wonder if this Snapple is actually poison. If so, I hope it kills me before the Mariner game starts. No offense to Doug, but I don't want a Doug Fister start to be the last thing my consciousness experiences.

Tue May 26, 19:10: Doug Fister vs. Justin Verlander

Wed May 27, 12:40: Jason Vargas* vs. Jeremy Bonderman

This two-game series is nearly on the same days, is at the same times and involves the same two starting pitchers on our end as the Blue Jays two game set that began this home stand. That might be the most interesting thing about this series or either of its' participants. 

Two opposing righties almost certainly means we get to see more Griffey this series. The feelings I used to have about Mike Sweeney this season have now been transferred, virus-like, to Griffey. I don't think I would even enjoy Griffey succeeding at this juncture. I just want him to go away. Hit the 60-day DL, Griff. You can hang around the team still. I don't care about that and actually would prefer that you stay in that capacity. Just stop playing. Stop playing him, Wak.

Doug Fister Jason Vargas
Pitch % Sp K BB GB
Fastball 58% 88 20 60 50
Change 21% 81 40 80 65
Curve 10% 75 55 25 70
Sinker 6% 89 35 55 65
Slider 5% 83 40 80 55
Overall -- -- 20 65 60
Pitch % Sp K BB GB
Fastball 52% 87 40 35 35
Change 20% 80 80 70 40
Sinker 17% 85 40 40 40
Slider 7% 82 20 30 50
Overall -- -- 50 40 30
Justin Verlander Jeremy Bonderman
Pitch % Sp K BB GB
Fastball 64% 95 80 75 35
Curve 17% 80 45 50 55
Change 14% 84 70 55 35
Overall -- -- 70 70 40
Pitch % Sp K BB GB
Fastball 60% 91 35 65 75
Slider 27% 83 75 55 30
Change 9% 84 35 20 35
Overall -- -- 75 60 65