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15-26, Lightning Round Game Thoughts

Self-imposed rule: no bullet point longer than one sentence. It's time to have an actual Thursday night. SPRING BREAK WOOOOOOOOOO*

  • Jason Vargas was decent again, against a potent lineup, and though the 35:15 K/BB he has on the season now isn't as impressive as the 27:9 he had a few starts ago, this is more representative of his ability.

  • Don Wakamatsu wasted his first ejection on a call the ump got right.

  • For anyone who missed Wak's ejection, it just looked like typical Wak and wasn't really in any way "fiery," which means those of you who wanted to see him inspire the team by going nuts and getting tossed may remain disappointed.

  • With the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, Casey Kotchman drilled a 3-1 fastball deep and just foul, and though this .gif doesn't quite capture it, Kotchman's eyes gave away how fat a pitch it really was.

  • Josh Bard's day: walk, well-hit single, well-hit double, well-hit sac fly.

  • The third inning saw the Mariners get their 8 & 9 hitters on base, and it saw their 1 & 2 hitters lay down bunts at Wak's behest, which is nutballs.

  • The pitch that Junior pulled for the winner was a 2-1 fastball from a righty, belt high, over the outer half, and it as a versatile pitch, as Junior could pull it for a single, and Adrian Gonzalez could've taken it the other way for a dinger.

  • Shawn Kelley has thrown 68% strikes in 2010, after throwing 68% strikes in 2009.

  • I haven't decided how I feel about Safeco playing that clip from Seven Nation Army over and over in run-scoring situations, but I feel like it's the sort of thing that could get really annoying really fast, so I'll let you know once we start getting into run-scoring situations.

* I'm not actually on spring break, as I am a grownup