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Have I linked Mike Curto before? I'm gonna link Mike Curto.

The Rainiers have taken Matt Tuiasosopo off the roster, and I have heard that he is not currently in Nashville. A rather grumpy Daren Brown didn’t want to talk about it, just saying "he’s not here."

In fairness, Daren Brown often seems grumpy.


This is an interesting situation, though, mainly because we have no idea what's going on. I'd say the most likely scenario is that Jack Wilson's headed to the DL. He hasn't played since May 5th and just yesterday LaRue said his hamstring remains a little "problematic," and a DL stint retroactive to May 6th would give Wilson more time to heal up and set him to return on the 21st. With Josh Wilson looking good, the team probably feels comfortable taking things easy with Jack.

But who's interested in what's most likely? Maybe there's a trade in the works. Maybe Tui fell asleep in the clubhouse and the organization cut him to send a message. Maybe something else. We'll find out more as the day goes on. And until we do, speculate!