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North Of The Border, Brandon Morrow On Track To Develop Into Brandon Morrow

Brandon Morrow lasted 1.2 innings against the Red Sox this afternoon, and threw 67 pitches. 32 of them were strikes. He walked five Sox in the second inning and went 3-1 on David Ortiz before allowing a line drive single that knocked him from the game.

Morrow on the year:

7 starts
35 innings
29 BB + HBP
46 K
4 HR
71.9% contact

Among guys with at least 20 innings pitched, Morrow's contact rate ranks third-best in the league. And he's still running an FIP in the mid-4's, because he has all the location of a dart in a hurricane.

Strikeouts are great. Sexy, even. There's not a Mariners fan in the world that doesn't miss Morrow's ability to miss bats and spin a dazzling curve. But remember the bad times. You have to remember the bad times. Brandon Morrow may one day develop into a shutdown #1, but until he does, he's a tease. An obnoxious, unwatchable tease.

Morrow was relived in the second inning by Josh Roenicke. Roenicke promptly walked Adrian Beltre on four pitches.