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Colome Up, Langerhans Out

Talk about your quick reactions! This team is nothing if not decisive at times. Other times it is not, but this is not one of those times. Ryan Langerhans has been designated, Jesus Colome has been brought up and the 11-man pitching staff is over with. I would like to hope to tack on a "for now" to the end of that last sentence, but I doubt it is so.

I don't get the timing of this either. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I highly doubt that Colome is available for today's game. That means the Mariners just voluntarily reduced themselves to a 24-man roster for a game for no benefit. They could have waited until after the game to make the move and it would have cost them nothing. Furthermore, that would have bought them time to see how Fister's start goes. Maybe he tosses seven innings in a few hours and the pen gets saved and the pressure to expand the bullpen gets reduced.

I support almost every single major move this team makes, but boy some of the smaller ones are real head-scratchers.