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Time To Keep Track Of How Annoying We Are

You'll find a new little box over there on the left-hand menu. This box includes the total number of runs the Mariners have scored on the season, as well as a new statistic intended to capture the frequency with which those runs are scored in annoying fashion. What constitutes an annoying run? Generally speaking, you know an annoying run when you see it - we've all seen enough Angels games - but for our purposes, an annoying run is a run that scores at least in part because of an infield single, a bunt, a blooper, a steal, a hit and run, an error, an umpire mistake, a passed ball, or a wild pitch. There are probably other annoying ways of scoring that I forgot, and those may be included as they come up.

Note that this leaves out conventional runs produced by annoying players. For example, Rob Johnson hitting a home run is pretty annoying, in the way that Jeff Mathis hitting a home run is annoying. However, I didn't want to go overboard. Home runs are legit.

I wasn't sure what to call this new statistic, but acronyms are played out, and "doily" seems like a word no man would ever say, so I went with that.

So far this season, through two games, the Mariners come in at an impressively annoying 83%, with the lone non-annoying run scoring on a dinger that was still kind of annoying. Not a bad way to kick things off.