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Your Tuesday Double Shot Of Good News

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Having a slow afternoon? Starting to lose your opener high? Anxious about Ian Snell? Struggling in your search for topless pictures of Casey Kotchman? The Associated Press has got your remedy.

Cliff Lee had planned to play long toss Friday as part of his recovery from a strained abdominal muscle. He's feeling so good, he will throw a regular bullpen session instead.
"It's pretty good," the left-hander said. "I felt absolutely nothing. It's behind me. I've just got to build up."

Fellow rehabilitating starter Erik Bedard experienced no problems following his bullpen session Sunday in San Francisco. The lefty is recovering from August shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum.
"Erik Bedard feels great. He's way ahead of schedule," Wakamatsu said. "He threw all of his pitches yesterday and feels good."

I gotta think it's a pretty good day to be us.