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Where the 2010 Mariners Came From


Doug Fister (2006)
Rob Johnson (2004)
Shawn Kelley (2007)
Mark Lowe (2004)
Adam Moore (2006)
Matt Tuiasosopo (2004)


Rule 5

Kanekoa Texeira (2010)
Sean White (2007)



David Aardsma (2009)
Milton Bradley (2010)
Franklin Gutierrez (2009)
Jack Hannahan (2009) [Starting season on D/L]
Casey Kotchman (2010)
Brandon League (2010)
Cliff Lee (2010) [Starting season on D/L]
Ian Snell (2009)
Jason Vargas (2009)
Jack Wilson (2009)


Free Agency

Erik Bedard (Re-signed 2010) [Starting season on D/L]
Eric Byrnes (2010)
Chone Figgins (2010)
Ken Griffey Jr. (Re-signed 2010)
Ryan Langerhans (Re-signed 2010)
Mike Sweeney (Re-signed 2010)


International Free Agency

Ichiro Suzuki (2001)
Ryan Rowland-Smith (2001)
Jose Lopez (2001)
Felix Hernandez (2003)


A link to the 2008 version.

The only big contract on this team signed via free agency is Chone Figgins. In 2008, we had Miguel Batista, Jarrod Washburn, Carlos Silva, Raul Ibanez, Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre. All of them are now gone along with Arthur Rhodes, Miguel Cairo and Jamie Burke. Not a single FA signing that was on the 2008 Mariners is on the team two years later.

In 2008, we started the year with five guys who were originally Mariner draftees. Only Mark Lowe remains.