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Handed Park Factors: Clinton

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I end off my exposé on Minor League handed park factors with our Single-A team, Clinton. Like with West Tenn, Clinton has a fairly neutral park, though we again see a boost to line drives that has appeared across all parks within the Seattle organization. That is almost certainly a coincidence, but it's a touch interesting given our dearth of home developed position player prospects.

Factor LH RH
K 101 102
BB 100 108
HBP 74 89
GB 102 99
FB 91 86
LD 112 130
IF 95 96
1B 98 101
2B 98 105
3B 110 120
HR/BIA 117 102
wOBA 100 102












K, BB, HBP, GB, FB, LD and IF are all factored on a per PA basis since they are all discrete possible results of a PA. 1B, 2 B and 3B are factored on a per batted ball basis. HR is factored by balls in the air (i.e. non-ground-ball batted balls). wOBA is based on what the league average line would have looked like given the above factors.