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Mariners Jump the Gun on Playoff Ads

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Now, I know everyone here has been diligently watching the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs and as such you have already come across the playoff ads that the NHL commissioned this year. They involve famous moments in NHL playoff history and the sometimes lucky circumstances that went into making them. However, what you probably did not know is that the Mariners Marketing department was so infatuated with the ads that they have explored producing some of their own for later in the season should the Mariners make a run at the playoffs.

This was supposed to be kept under wraps but luckily for all of you, I had a source inside the PR firm that demo'd the ads for the Mariners and I've managed to snag some preliminary copies to share with all of you after he got canned.

They started out on a really positive note here with one about Franklin Gutierrez.

Things degenerated a bit though when my friend tried to poke a little fun at Milton Bradley.

After learning he was going to be re-assigned, he might have reacted poorly.

But I think taking on Junior was the last straw.