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Handed Park Factors: High Desert

Don Wakamatsu circa 1998
Don Wakamatsu circa 1998

Yeah, High Desert is a home run haven. We knew that. It's not just the home runs though; or more accurately the friendliness to home runs impacts far more than just the home run factor. This is just theorizing, but seeing a low strikeout and a high walk factor leads me to think that pitchers are working around hitters a lot more in High Desert. 

Furthermore, it's not just the home runs, but hits of all kinds are promoted and encouraged from either side of the plate. All of which leads to a massive boon for batters' wOBAs. The average wOBA factor of 114 marks High Desert as the second most hitter-friendly ballpark in my entire 150-park sample. Only Albuquerque in the PCL ranks higher with a combined 119 wOBA factor. That's so high that it would make Giancarlo Alvarado's 2009 season actually impressive if he weren't 31 at the time and now pitching in Japan.

Factor LH RH
K 96 96
BB 107 106
HBP 86 92
GB 103 97
FB 98 103
LD 101 111
IF 94 95
1B 102 116
2B 110 117
3B 121 127
HR/BIA 150 148
wOBA 111 117












K, BB, HBP, GB, FB, LD and IF are all factored on a per PA basis since they are all discrete possible results of a PA. 1B, 2B and 3B are factored on a per batted ball basis. HR is factored by balls in the air (i.e. non-ground-ball batted balls). wOBA is based on what the league average line would have looked like given the above factors. A rough guide to 95% confidence intervals for these is given here.