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Handed Park Factors: West Tennessee

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Remember how much Cheney Stadium insanely repressed triples? I think I found out where they were all hiding out. Maybe they've taken on a life of their own now and are just reproducing triples. West Tenn and triples, once you pop, you cannot stop. 

Triples aside, West Tenn is about the most neutral of all our minor league parks, which is perfect. Double-A is where the real prospects should be hanging out, so that's where I prefer there not to be any wacky Colorado Springs-like environments. The line drive rate is high, but as was discussed in the original article on Safeco, the batted ball factors are going to include influence from the scorers at each park, which have been shown to be systemically biased.

Does West Tenn have a really good hitter's eye that helps batters square up the ball more or do the people that score games in West Tenn have a penchant for labeling well-struck balls as line drives more often than their peers? Probably both. If you wanted only park effects, you would care about the former. Since I'm interested in how these parks affect the stats that we see, I am interested in both. 

Factor LH RH
K 96 103
BB 108 98
HBP 85 95
GB 97 99
FB 88 89
LD 133 120
IF 92 93
1B 101 95
2B 112 107
3B 177 161
HR/BIA 89 105
wOBA 105 100












K, BB, HBP, GB, FB, LD and IF are all factored on a per PA basis since they are all discrete possible results of a PA. 1B, 2B and 3B are factored on a per batted ball basis. HR is factored by balls in the air (i.e. non-ground-ball batted balls). wOBA is based on what the league average line would have looked like given the above factors. A rough guide to 95% confidence intervals for these is given here.