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The Safeco Thread, Part 4

So, as tempting as the concession stands can be, let's face it - a lot of people don't want to get all their food and drink inside. The stuff is expensive. Most of it is bad for you. The selection is limited. The waits are long, and you don't want to miss any of the game. And so on and so forth.

Everybody has his own reason, but the bottom line is that, of all the stuff that gets consumed before, during, and after a Mariners game, only a fraction of it originates inside the stadium. Which is why, here in part four, we discuss eating and drinking outside Safeco Field. While it doesn't fit under the category title, this also includes stuff you buy outside and bring in.

I don't think I'm typing very clearly, because I had a big lunch and I can't really focus on words at the moment. Basically,

1) What kind of stuff do you like to pick up outside and bring through the gates?

2) Where do you prefer to grab a pre- or post-game drink or meal that's nearby?

Personally, I'll never understand why anyone would wait until they're inside to buy a bag of peanuts. As far as actual establishments are concerned, I can't say enough about Collins Pub. It's a few blocks away from the stadium and a bit of a walk, but this distance keeps it from being overrun and annoying the way Pyramid and Elysian so often are, and they also class up the joint with a diverse selection of food and drink. While it isn't real cheap, I've yet to have a bad experience. Especially if Amy's waiting our table.