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Cliff Lee's Start in Tacoma Goes Well

Over six innings, Cliff Lee faced just 20 batters and struck out four while walking none. He scattered a couple singles, one coming off a bunt and allowed no runs. Of the 16 balls put into play, five were on the ground and seven were fly balls. There were two bunts, an infield fly and a single line drive as well.

I don't have any word on his velocity during the start*, but he certainly cruised through Salt Lake's lineup with little trouble. The only concern that I have is the low pitch count. Lee tossed just 68 pitches in his six innings, which means I would hardly be expecting him to step right into the Seattle rotation and start putting up Felix-length starts. Which, hey, maybe Jesus Colome will finally get to do something besides working on his popsicle stick scale model of Monticello.

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