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The Safeco Thread, Part 3

What is a baseball game without a snack and a beer?

A baseball game without a snack and a beer is, for one thing, a way cheaper baseball game, but it's also a baseball game of lesser satisfaction. It's a baseball game you spend jealous of other people eating and drinking, the way you might spend a particularly frugal vacation to Europe jealous of people with clean shirts. Nobody's ever happy about spending nine innings empty-handed. The justifications are always "it's too expensive" or "it's bad for you" or "they don't have a good beer selection," but you always still want something. Although one might identify our compulsion to eat and drink during sporting events and movies as a leading contributor to our nation's struggle with obesity, to hell with taking a stand and changing the world. You walk into the park, you smell the smells, and you're tempted.

Safeco's not lacking for temptations. And this is actually a good time for this thread, as they've rolled out a bunch of new concession stands that as of yet may not have many reviews. And so, here in part three, we discuss eating and drinking inside Safeco Field. If you've got a certain stand you frequent outside the gates, save that for part four. This is about Ivar Dogs, shishkaberries (the snack, not the weed), and everything in between.

I'll go ahead and get "garlic fries" out of the way. Everybody likes the garlic fries. Get the garlic fries.