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The Safeco Thread, Part 1

A couple days ago we got the latest fanpost from someone asking about attending Safeco Field. We've had a ton of these fanposts before, and the community's always good about answering and giving advice, but it occurred to me that there's no easy way for people to look these old threads up, nor has there ever been such a thread on the front page. Which is weird, given that this is a Mariners blog and all. So I decided it'd be a good idea to open up a Safeco feedback/suggestion thread to be locked to the sidebar for future reference.

Well, it's not one thread. It'll be four threads. This is the first of four parts:

Part 1: Tickets & seating
Part 2: Parking/getting there
Part 3: Food/drinks inside
Part 4: Food/drinks outside

So, off we go. Tickets & seating. How do you prefer to get tickets? And, more importantly, where do you prefer to sit? Are you a bleachers person? Infield upper deck? Field level? Does it depend on the time of day? What do you consider to be the best deal, or the best experience?

I can't say a whole lot myself, given that my Safeco experiences have been limited. I've sat in the outfield once, for the 2009 home opener. I'm generally happy with the upper deck, because I'm easy to please, but I've also sat in the first row of the Diamond Club behind home plate before, and that is something that everyone ought to do at least once, if they can afford it. But ultimately, I don't have any strong opinions. If you do, go nuts. And let's please try to keep this and the future threads on-topic, as I hope that they will become a valuable resource to new visitors.