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From The Other Game

So you can just read through the liveblog below if you want to know information about today's M's/Brewers contest. The only real story is that Jose Lopez didn't look comfortable at third base as he struggled with some backhands and a barehand. As for the other half of the team, they beat the White Sox 5-4, with Josh Fields retiring the final three batters with a runner on third. Important!

The only thing I've seen that matters in the least is this:

[RRS} said he is also working on a cut fastball and said he thought that went well today, as well.

That's neat. RRS could really use an effective cutter.

Matt Tuiasosopo turned a couple of double plays, but they were apparently on grounders hit right to him. Mike Sweeney had another two hits, but one was in the infield. Franklin Gutierrez came back, but went hitless. Uhhh...Ryan Feierabend looked good? Sure, why not. Man, this is dull.