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Assorted Bullet Points

  • About that whole Jose Lopez/Chone Figgins/2B/3B experiment - if you listen to Wakamatsu, he makes this switch sound borderline probable. "There's nothing right now that says that wouldn't work that I've seen." It's interesting that pretty much all of the focus so far has been on Lopez, given that Figgins hasn't even played semi-regularly at second since 2005, but whatever. From most indications, if Lopez demonstrates a belief system at third base, that'll be his new spot. No, I have no idea what this will mean in terms of their respective UZRs. All I can say is that the team presumably wouldn't make this switch unless the coaching staff were confident that it's worthwhile.

  • In today's This Is News, Milton Bradley's neighbor wanted him to see a specific guy who deals with "psychological things". Somehow, Bradley's being traded put the brakes on this potential endeavor. Note to Ernie Banks: he's still your neighbor, no matter which team he plays for. Only offering to help people who play for the Cubs is a sure sign that you're a bad person.

  • Creepy:


  • The Mariners are playing a pair of split-squad games today, with Ichiro, Figgins, Gutierrez, and RRS playing the White Sox, and Ackley, Bradley, Lopez, and Fister playing the Brewers. The M's and Brewers are apparently going to be on MLB Network at some point, and unless is lying to me, they'll also be on If the latter is true, I may just try my hand at a liveblog. Josh Wilson!

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