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Sabermetrics 101: Wrap-Up (And Announcement!)

It's been three weeks, twenty-four posts, and more than 16,000 words since I started my sabermetrics 101 series, and I think we've reached a good point to wind down rather than get into overly detailed discussions of individual statistics. It's not an exhaustive trek through the subject matter, and I've left quite a lot of material out (both deliberately and because I'm thick sometimes), but writing a full-blown encyclopedia wasn't really the intent. My hope was to lay down a good foundation for understanding the rest of the material written by sabermetrically inclined authors, which I think I've accomplished. If you've missed any, or just want a hub with all the links (in the correct order), here you go.

#1: Game State
#2: Regression
#3: Value
#4: Correlation
#5: Environment
#6: Pythag
#7: Run/Win Conversion
#8: Linear Weights
#9: Base Runs
#10: Rate & Counting Stats
#11: Financial & Roster Constraints
#12: Replacement Level
#13: Isolation
#14: Positional Adjustments
#15: Park Factors
#16: League Equivalencies
#17: Aging
#18: Sample Size
#19: Splits
#20: WPA
#21: Data
#22: Pitching
#23: Batting
#24: Defence

So now that that's taken care of, I have an announcement to make: Over the next few months I'll be working on a big project that I'm very excited about. Unfortunately it's going to be taking up most of my time, meaning I won't be able to contribute to Lookout Landing for the foreseeable future. It's only a sabbaticaLL, but hey, this is a good opportunity to thank my colleagues on the site and the readers of this fine blog for having me around. I'll catch y'all around in a few months. Unless you're reading the comments, in which case I'll catch y'all around whenever I next get bored at work. Or while at home. You get the drift.

PS: Anyone know a publisher?