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Latest Washburn Flare-Up More Severe Than Usual

This one comes from John Hickey, because they always come from John Hickey, because I'm beginning to suspect that John Hickey has one source, and that one source knows Jarrod Washburn:

PEORIA, Ariz. -- The pitching-strapped Seattle Mariners have made an offer to left-handed pitcher Jarrod Washburn, MLB sources told FanHouse Wednesday.

However, the club's financial limitations kept the offer small, and Washburn hasn't accepted.

The reason this is newsworthy is because there was apparently an actual offer, but, as stated, the offer hasn't been accepted, and this is the first we've heard of it. It's funny - people have said that Jarrod would like nothing more than to come back, and that the M's would like nothing more than for him to return, but if both of those were true, we would've had an agreement by now. There is no agreement, because it isn't that simple. The M's don't want Jarrod badly enough to offer more money, and Jarrod doesn't want to come back badly enough to accept something small. Akwarrrd

I know I'm not the only person this saga annoys, so at this point it'd probably be better for everyone if like Randy Wolf got super injured and the Brewers needed rotation help in a jiffy. I guess that wouldn't be better for Randy Wolf, but on the other hand, no one cares about Randy Wolf. Sacrifices need to be made. I'm no academic scientist but I'm pretty sure the only way to make this stop is by inflicting pain on somebody.