Ragball: Spring Training is Serious Business


It's times like these I think that it's good to remember, in spite of injuries, in spite of various players seeming to underperform, in spite of all the questions I can ask about the construction of the 25-man, I still kind of love this team. "Milton Bradly managed one team and wound up throwing first base. Chone Figgins managed the other team and engineered a late trade - catcher Adam Moore for 7-year-old Teven Griffey. Ichiro Suzuki swung right-handed. Casey Kotchman played shortstop, Mike Sweeney left field and at one point Eric Byrnes stormed off the field calling the proceedings 'a mockery of the game!'" ----- "The Mariners staged an odd ragball game on the half field in Peoria, with rules that included running from home plate to third base - not first - after a hit, batting from the opposite side and bribing umpire Josh Bard. That last part was key: Bard ruled a Franklin Gutierrez home run did not count because Gutierrez hadn't stepped on home plate - after he clearly had. And, with Bradley's team ahead, 7-2, in the final inning, Sweeney hit a solo home run - then called in five pinch-runners and circled the bases for a six-run home run."