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Professional Baseball Players Named After Fish

Carp (Mike, etc)
Trout (Steve, etc)
Bass (Brian, etc)
Salmon (Tim, etc)
Zander (Edmund, etc)
Marlin (Stuart, etc)
Fish (Robert, etc)
Bream (Sid, etc)
Dorado (Reyes)
Garibaldi (Art, etc)
Guppy (Chester)
Haddock (George, etc)
Herring (Art, etc)
Pike (Jess, etc)
Sturgeon (Bobby, etc)

Talk about your over-representation of names. So many fish. Birds, too. Relative to the number of different living organisms on the planet, there really aren't that many kinds of fish or birds, so these are two clear cases of an over-represented minority. I won't feel better about this until I see a Timothy Labrador or Staphylococcus Jones, but even those would be only a start.