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This Post Contains An Advertisement For Comcast

Yes, this is another sponsored post, just like the ones (Don't forget to sign up at to play in a Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League!). You guys don't like ads on the front page, and if I had my druthers I wouldn't be writing them, but SBN is a company, companies need money, and this is how a company in our position makes money. The neat thing about the internet is that, if you don't like these posts - and there won't be many of them - you can just skip them and move on to another post or fanshot that is provided for you completely free of charge. Rule of thumb: if you don't pay for something, you can't complain about it.

Anyhoo, Comcast does have a deal for you, and deals save money(!), so if you're interested in upgrading or getting MLB Extra Innings, read below.

Comcast is now the newest member of the SBNation family of advertisers, and I, for one, welcome them, their money, and the things their money will allow us as a company to do. Of course, they're not just handing us a check - this is a partnership, and our end of the bargain is that we are to inform you, the reader, of the deal they're offering. I should note that this thing isn't network-wide; LL was hand-selected, a testament to the community's size and level of passion. Thank you for coming out in droves to discuss the massive, incalculable difference in on-field impact between Mike Sweeney and Ryan Garko.

So, what are they offering? Why, I'm glad you asked!


   1.  If you are a current Comcast customer, they are offering you:

      Digital Preferred TV with MLB Network for only $9.99 a month for the first six months

   2. If you are not yet a Comcast customer, the deal is better:

      You can switch from Dish Network or AT&T and get MLB Extra Innings for the low, low price of free.

Only Comcast brings you MLB Extra Innings and their great coverage of MLB Network. Dish Network and AT&T U-Verse can’t say that!

To take part in this offer, pick up your phone and dial 1-800-COMCAST.


Look, I don't know a whole lot about Comcast, but we did just sign up with them a month ago, with Digital Preferred and HDTV and internet and everything, and I don't have any complaints. The cable installation lady even told me about a bunch of loopholes I could take advantage of to screw Comcast of a little money down the road. For that reason alone, I give them the thumbs-up.

Comcast is an SB Nation partner and sponsor of the SB Nation baseball communities.

This post is one of a series of sponsored posts related to our relationship with Comcast.