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Friday Cheerful Reminder Post

It's been a crabby Friday to say the least. I know the recent spate of news has been disappointing, but despair not, Mariner fans for there remains plenty of other things that should keep you in good spirits. Things like:

Felix Hernandez is here for five more years at least!
Ditto Franklin Gutierrez in all likelihood!
Ichiro Suzuki is here for at least three more and is showing no signs of slowing down
Shawn Kelley is all kinds of fun
Randy Johnson will throw out the first pitch on April 12th, and I will be there!
Dustin Ackley is progressing fast at second base
Milton Bradley! Not Carlos Silva!
Bitter Bullpen Face!
Ryan Rowland-Smith is healthy!
Erik Bedard is 'ahead of schedule'

and much more!

Seriously, let's try not to get too down on things.