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Quick Note On The DL

Bit from T.R. Sullivan I hadn't heard yet. I assume 'T.R.' stands for 'The Real,' which is really annoying, I think.

Friday is an important date. If a player starts the season on the disabled list, a club can back-date the move nine days. That would be Friday. But not if he's played in a Cactus League game. In that case, he could only be backdated to his last Cactus League game.

Not sure if the M's are going to put Cliff Lee and/or Jack Hannahan on the DL - it all depends on how they're doing. But if they did, and neither Hannahan nor Lee played in another Cactus League game, they would be eligible to come off on April 10th, the sixth game of the regular season.

So, a DL stint doesn't necessarily mean a missed two weeks. (Ed. note: as mentioned in the comments, remember that this was the situation with Ichiro a year ago.)