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Mike Carp Got Cut

It's a move, but it's not a move that answers any questions you might've had about the roster. Unless your question was, "will Mike Carp get cut on March 25th?" Then it does answer a question, and the answer is, yes. Carp, who's only 23, is best known for being in that class of Mariner players who are way younger than you thought they were, along with Matt Tuiasosopo and Ryan Feierabend. There are more rings around our DH than there are around those three guys combined.

There's an interesting comparison between Mike Carp and Greg Halman:

Carp Halman
Bats Left Right
Contact Yes No
Discipline Yes No
Power No Yes
Defense No Yes
Speed No Yes
Position Infield Outfield
American Yes No
Attractive No Yes?

Now, I'm not saying the Mariners should experiment with gene splicing or cutting-edge selective lobe replacement surgery in the interest of developing a complete position player prospect, one capable of identifying strikes to hit for light tower home runs, one capable of running down liners in the gap and stealing home and modeling for magazines with feature articles about The Next Big Thing, one capable of being the greatest player - nay, person - the Pacific northwest has ever seen.