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Thoughts On A Picture

  • With Josh Johnson finished after six and a third, Fredi Gonzalez prepares to hand the ball to The Littlest Reliever.

  • Paulino: Man, these PITCHfx cameras are everywhere.
    Johnson: I know, right?
    Johnson: Look, there's another one.
    Gonzalez: And another one.
    Paulino: And another one.
    Johnson: I feel like someone's just going to trip over one of these and hurt himself.
    Paulino: Why do they even have cameras over here in foul ground anyway? They're looking up, they're not even looking at the field.
    Johnson: Hell if I know. The only person who's ever over here is the base coach.
    Johnson: Well, and the Mermaids.
    Paulino: haha
    Paulino: Look, there's another one right over there.
    Gonzalez: Wait a second. Aren't the PITCHfx cameras somewhere else? Like off the field and off the ground?
    Paulino: Hey, you're right.
    Johnson: Oh yeah.
    So what are these?
    Joe Francis: shit shit shit shit shit shit

  • The Josh Johnson contract was a big step forward for the Florida Marlins organization, but things have been weird ever since Ronny Paulino and Fredi Gonzalez started moonlighting as personal assistants at the Johnson estate for extra cash.

  • Gonzalez: aw christ
    Johnson: I can't believe we wore the same outfit

  • As sinking feelings go, there are few that compare to taking the ball from your ace, looking up, and seeing Hayden Penn.