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A New Blog Worth Following

Some of you knew that ESPN teamed up with parts of the baseball internet community (notably FanGraphs and Baseball Prospectus) to create six weeks worth of stories on different aspects of baseball. Their Hot Stove U series was an attempt to foster debate amongst the more casual crowd of baseball fans and a big step in getting more advanced analysis in a place noticeable to millions of people a day.

It went well enough that they have decided to continue the effort in blog form. Dave mentioned it yesterday on USSM, but I waited until now because as of 5am this morning, my first piece is up there, on Adrian Gonzalez*. The blog focuses on short posts and it will feature the same people from the Hot Stove U series, good people from ESPN Stats and even Tom Tango!

*No, I do not get to write the headlines. Yes, I hate the A-Gon nickname as well.

There will be some good stuff written in there and if you have an ESPN Insider subscription then you will have full access to it. If you purchased the FanGraphs Second Opinion baseball/fantasy preview book, then you will have access to all the posts written by FanGraphs' authors for free on the Bonus Blog. Not all the posts will not be orthodoxy, and sometimes they will use baser stats to get the point across, but none of it is likely to be glib. These are good writers.