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Cliff Lee Suspended For Five Games

Per Divish and Drayer's tweets. The suspension starts with Opening Day, so they're all real games. Oops.

Jeff's note: As a Mariners fan, I hate this, and think it's ridiculous. If I slip into my objectivity underoos, though, there is enough evidence - not proof, but evidence - that Lee was throwing at Chris Snyder to warrant a suspension. The second pitch came up high, and that's a real dangerous area. While I'm aware that Lee's been struggling with his command this spring, it's pretty hard to miss that bad by accident. You have to discourage that sort of stuff, and you discourage by penalizing.

Ultimately, a five-day suspension is pretty minor, as it probably - but not necessarily - costs Lee all of one start. And if he appeals and gets the suspension reduced by a day, as frequently happens, then he doesn't miss a start at all, and Wak just has to shuffle some names around. I didn't see this coming, but I get it, and in the end, it simply isn't that big of a deal.

Lee has also been fined some undisclosed and presumably insignificant amount of money that I imagine is far greater than what I get paid in a year. America!


Update: Lee, naturally, will appeal