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Mariners Release 2010 Commercials

I haven't watched them yet, but here's your link to the five spots, and here's your link to the blooper reel. I may elect to offer my reviews of the commercials below as updates to this post, or, if I can't think of anything to say, I may not, choosing instead to leave this sentence hanging here all awkward-like. Thanks to Divish for bringing these to my attention



What's In A Name: I can't be objective about this one, because I love any opportunity to hear Felix talk in a way that sounds unscripted (even though this was 100%, completely scripted). It helps me feel closer to him. It's a strange plot - generally, you don't make fun of somebody by pointing out a thing he have in common with a lot of really famous and successful people. But they make it work, and Figgins was an excellent touch at the end. Would be funny to do the opposite commercial with Robinson Cano.

Running Catch: Good idea, but despite the funny ending (they're good at those), I think the execution could've been a lot better. This one doesn't make sense. Why would Guti be on a golf course? Why would he directly interfere with a game between the two people in control of his career? Why aren't Z and Wak more annoyed? Alternate idea: could've had Cliff Lee showing off his Cy Young award to some of his teammates. Somebody accidentally bumps into the shelf, knocking the award to the ground, but Guti comes out of nowhere to snag it before it hits the floor. Symbolism!

Meaningful Moments: Not going to win an Emmy (it's not Sarah Silverman or anything), but it's pretty good, and while I would've liked to see Junior play a better prank, most of the ideas that've come to mind would make him come off as some creepy guy who breaks into people's houses, so I can see why the M's stuck with what they did. Don't want to paint Griffey as a creeper in his final season. Bonus points for having Griffey's only ad appearance feature him sitting in a chair doing nothing while the other guys practice.

Immortalized: "Yeah" :fist pump: "So true" I love that reaction for the pure ridiculousness of it. Wasn't a big fan of the finisher - should've just had the coaches staring at the painting silently - but the painting itself is incredible, and I can't wait for my girlfriend to see this for the first time on TV, because she's going to scream. Brandon League was great in this one, and he didn't really do anything. Wonder how they would've done this if the group had a lefty.

The Next Big Thing: "You ready to battle?" Damn you Evan Longoria. This commercial is weird in that they featured RRS acting irritated and exasperated, which is the complete opposite of his usual demeanor. Hinting at the history between the two guys was a nice touch, but if anything, RRS should've been more receptive, because that shirt is awesome. They should sell those shirts. I am thankful yet curiously disappointed that the Colon jacket bore what it did. Why did that guy make a jacket for Bartolo Colon? He clearly works for the Mariners. Do we have a spy in our midst? The shirt is red, but Colon hasn't pitched for a red team since 2008. Wouldn't RRS have seen this shirt already? So many questions.

Outtakes: So Guti doesn't catch everything.


Overall, these commercials were very well done, and they represent a significant step up from the ads we've gotten used to. That shopping network series seems like forever ago. Two of them featured really good, creative ideas, and that bullpen painting is going to live on as long as the Mariners exist. There's room for improvement, and I'm not about to forward this link to everyone I know, but then I have impossible standards for humor, and these were fun across the board. Be sure to watch the outtakes, if you haven't already - they're endearing, as outtakes usually are.