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Cliff Lee Just Got Ejected

Update below!

Threw up and in on Chris Snyder, provoking considerable discontent. Nothing went down, other than the exchange of choice pleasantries, but the benches cleared, which I always love. It's funny when they fight, but it's funnier when they don't do anything but stand there in groups looking around like sparrows in a parking lot.

Ryan Divish has the backstory, here:

In the first inning, Lee was covering home on Chris Young's RBI single. Snyder, who was on deck, ran to the back side of home to tell the runner Mark Reynolds to slide. Snyder laid on the ground telling Ryenolds to slide. Lee didn't see Snyder there and tripped over him. They both exchanged a few words. And Lee let Snyder know in the next at-bat that it wasn't ok.

It's interesting how the one guy on the staff who looks like he's smiling every time he throws a pitch might be the one guy on the staff with a mean streak. Of course, Cliff might want to be a little more selective when it comes to the messages he's sending, and the players to whom they're being sent.

Snyder keeps himself in excellent physical shape, thanks in part to an offseason workout program that includes Mixed Martial Arts training.


Update: Well, if you believe Cliff Lee, there was no intent here at all, and it was just a coincidence that one pitch to Snyder went inside and the next flew by his brains. Of course, 99% of pitchers will never admit they were throwing at a guy, and 99% of these things aren't accidents, so who knows. Snyder clearly thinks it was intentional. On the one hand, Lee's got exceptional command, but on the other, he's still getting loose and hasn't quite been himself so far in March, so...intentional? Interesting. Unintentional? Awkwarrrd