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Cuts! Wonderful Cuts!

I'll give credit to Divish's Twitter here, because he was about eleven seconds faster than Drayer, and that sort of work ethic and efficiency has to be rewarded. Way to go, Divish!

  • Steve Baron - cut. Too nice. Too friendly. Too eager to do everything. In spring, you need to be tenacious. Baseball requires a certain level of tenacity. Come back when you're more truculent, Baron.
  • Ryan Feierabend - cut. He'll return to Tacoma for the 28th consecutive season. Even if Feierabend weren't coming off elbow surgery, he'd still be lost in all of our depth. Feierabend would be a better fit for an organization with fewer starting candidates, which is to say Feierabend would be a better fit for the worst team in baseball.
  • Mauricio Robles - cut. Do you want to be the one to tell him? I don't want to be the one to tell him.

  • Luis Oliveros - cut. If you have a son, and your son dreams of growing up to play professional baseball, you should tell him to look up Luis Oliveros sometime. It's not all bitches and glory. Being around guys like Felix and Ichiro in spring training might be the highlight of Oliveros' career, which puts him around the same level as a fan, only most of the fans get paid more.
  • Chris Seddon - cut. Shouldn't have allowed those four runs in your one appearance, moron.
  • Nick Hill - cut. I have nothing negative to say about Nick Hill, because I like him more than I probably ought to, so I'll just say that this shouldn't come as a surprise and we'll be hearing his name again before too long. Thought he might stick around a little longer as a potential bullpen lefty candidate, but with guys like French and Olson still in camp, it wouldn't make sense to go with Hill anyway since he still has room to develop.
  • Steven Shell - cut. Steven Shell overhauled his mechanics to become a different version of a bad pitcher. His new delivery is still fresh out of the box, which means it doesn't yet come naturally to him, so this is a work in progress. He'll return to Tacoma to keep working out the kinks. We'll see if a simpler throwing motion ends up taking him anywhere, but I wouldn't count on it. His stuff just isn't special.
  • Josh Fields - cut. Fields had some of the best examples of Pitch Face that I've ever seen so this is a real disappointment. He'll be back eventually, but not until he's good, and right now he's not good, so he's off to the minors. Supposedly he's just a terrific kid, which makes me a little nervous, because the polite ones are usually making up for something.

Greg Johns has a list of the players remaining in camp for the time being, which you can see here.