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Mariners Continue To Frighten Sean White, Add Wes Littleton

This one's from Drayer. Littleton spent 2009 in the Brewers organization, where he was bad. Prior to that, he pitched for the Rangers, where he was bad.

Stop me if you've heard this before, but Wes Littleton is a righty with an extremely heavy sinker and no out-pitch for lefties. He's also a sidearmer, because, why not? This makes him moderately effective against righties, but lefties have caused him great distress.

vs. RHB vs. LHB
GB% 65% 52%
K% 14.7% 10.4%
BB+HBP% 9.7% 12.2%
Face :\ :(

Littleton made a name for himself by running a 1.73 ERA out of the Ranger bullpen in 2006, but that was a fluke, and since then he's kind of floated around. He's here now, I imagine, to push Sean White and Kanekoa Texeira, as the M's seem determined to have at least one righty sinkerballer in the bullpen capable of throwing more than one inning. Littleton's acquisition should also serve to get Jose Lopez a lot of ST action at third and help Rob Johnson learn to block bad pitches in the dirt, which is a neat bonus. Practice makes perfect!