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The History of the Seattle Mariners In Graphical Form

Not sure much commentary is required on my part. Lots of big graphs after the jump, showing our rank in the AL for the rotation, bullpen, offence, and defence. FIP was used for the pitchers, wOBA for the hitter, and defensive efficacy ratio (DER) for the gloves. There were 14 American League teams in each of the 33 seasons the Mariners have played.

Figure 1 (above): Inverted rotation rank (AL only) by FIP.

Figure 2 (above): Inverted bullpen rank (AL only) by FIP.

Figure 3 (above): Inverted offence rank (AL only) by wOBA.

Figure 4 (above): Inverted defence rank (AL only) by DER.

Figure 5 (above): Sum of inverted rotation ranks from Figures 1-4 above. Winning percentage shown dashed.