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Yusmeiro Petit Clears Waivers

It's weird to think that a 25 year old righty starter with a career 2.5 K/BB and no injury history could pass by unclaimed, but that's exactly what happened with Yusmeiro Petit, as he's been outrighted to AAA Tacoma. Of course, he has 28 strikeouts and zero walks against opposing pitchers, so that kind of inflates the numbers a little bit, but still, you'd think that someone like, I dunno, San Diego could've used him for nothing. Maybe instead of Jon Garland. Just spitballing here.

This now sets us up with a probable Tacoma rotation featuring five of the following:

Doug Fister
Jason Vargas
Luke French
Nick Hill
Garrett Olson
Yusmeiro Petit
Ryan Feierabend

This isn't the sort of depth you should brag about to your friends, but it is the sort of depth that, if one of your friends asks "so do you have any depth?" you're all "yeah no we're cool" and then he's like "how good?" and you're like "oh y'know whatever" and he's like "no seriously who do you got" and you're like "oh just some guys" and he's like "whatever man you wanna get a soda?" and you're like "I don't drink that stuff anymore" and he's all "oh excuse me your majesty" and you're like "yeah ok" and you roll your eyes because seriously how many times do you have to repeat yourself

Gaby Hernandez cleared waivers too, offering no depth at all, for anything.