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Bedard, Mariners Have Agreement, Pending Physical

This one gives you a good opportunity to practice your French, or your Google. Via Marc Brassard, who writes for Le Droit, the only French-language newspaper in Ontario (loosely translated, of course):

If he successfully passes a physical exam today in Arizona, Erik Bedard will be back with the Seattle Mariners in 2010.
The lefty pitcher from Navan [Ontario] confirmed he had accepted a one year contract for $ 1.5 million to remain with the club.
"I'm really happy it was my first choice but to return to Seattle, he said yesterday as he was en route to Peoria, Arizona.
Bedard was not familiar with the details of the contract he will sign, but there are bonuses for each period of 30 days when he finds himself with the Mariners, and others to the number of innings .

So this is pretty sweet news, and further confirmation of the fact that, if someone in the Mariner front office says anything remotely interesting about a possible roster move, the move is pretty much already done.