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Levale Speigner!

If I were Tommy Everidge I'd probably be getting pretty pissed off right about now. Turns out the Mariners added Levale Speigner a few weeks ago and invited him to Spring Training. I am writing about this because Matthew told me to. Have we brought in a #3 starter yet?

Over 48 Major League innings, Speigner has amassed a K/BB of 0.7 and a 9.19 ERA, which is only 400% higher than the best ERA of all time. The righty reliever has a fastball in the 89-91 range and relies heavily on a slider, and when you hear about a righty reliever with a mediocre fastball and a slider, your first thought should always be 'groundball guy'. Sure enough, Speigner sat at 60% last year between AA/AAA, and has hovered around the mid-50s for his career.

To be perfectly honest, I was somewhat interested in this until I found out that 'Speigner' doesn't rhyme with 'beignet'. If I have to spend my Wednesday night thinking about Levale Speigner or a beignet, I'm gonna go with the beignet. Here is a picture of a beignet:


Do you guys like beignets? I like beignets. Oh, the adventures I have had, with beignets.