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LL Podcast

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Our third overall podcast and our second attempt all on our own. Over the course of some irritating background noise and some electronic feedback (really sorry), Jeff and I talk about Eric Byrnes, Ryan Garko, the 11 man pitching staff, playing time breakdowns, the catching situation, team projections and dabble on Ian Snell.

This one somehow ran even longer than the previous week's, pushing just under an hour. I also mixed it into stereo for this week so that hopefully, this poll will give y'all an ability to compare stereo vs mono directly by using last week's cast as a contrast.

Lookout Landing Podcast with Jeff and Matthew

Before you state so in the comments, yes, we're getting better microphones. They did not arrive yet, but we hope they do a lot to improve the feed back issues, sorry again. Also, yes, I plan to shorten these up or at least split them into two parts in the future. I've spent too much time today in order to do that for this one but my goal for the future is to keep files around 30 minutes.

For the detailed types, I don't know what's up with the file size. I halved the bit rate and mixed it into mono, it's still large. Any ideas?

iTunes link!