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Mariners In On 17 Year Old Rafael DePaula

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Via MLB Trade Rumors, we get info from ESPN's Jorge Arangure:

DePaula is still mulling over an offer from the mariners

Seattle started to make a hard push last week.

i just don't think [the Yankees] value him as highly as Seattle does right now.

plus i heard that Seattle was super aggressive in going after him.

DePaula was suspended by MLB last year for (allegedly) misrepresenting his age. Since DePaula wasn't actually affiliated with MLB, what I gather is that this means he had to remain unsigned even though he was an eligible free agent. So, hey, whoops.

Anyway, he's not suspended anymore, and as such, he's got a number of suitors. The M's are among them. MLBTR claims he's the equivalent of a first-round pick, for whatever that's worth, so he's clearly a talented son of a bitch. Here's the scouting report:

  • Young
  • Righty
  • Live fastball
  • Other stuff has potential
  • First Google Image search result for his name is a picture of the Yankees winning the World Series

If that sounds familiar, it's because it's the same scouting report you get for every young Latin arm. Which isn't to say that DePaula isn't especially interesting, but rather that I don't know much about him and neither Mariners Minors nor Pro Ball NW have checked in yet with anything. The proper conclusion here: if the Mariners like him, it's probably because they think he's really talented, so if the Mariners get him, you should be happy. And if the Mariners don't get him, whatever, he's just another Yankee hype job, and screw those guys and their damn propaganda. Nice call on Eric Duncan, morons.


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