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The BA Top 100 List

I'm really not a fan of prospect lists. I like the idea of providing content in an easy to understand format and I like information about prospects. I like to the think the goal of most prospect lists is to inform people about the various players that they might not otherwise be exposed to. That's a good goal. But it strikes me that most of the time the result of a prospect list is about 5% of time spent talking about prospects and the other 95% is spent bickering about the ranking of the prospects. I spent a good 10 minutes once and I just didn't find within me the ability to care.

I still find information about prospects useful however and Baseball America is one of the best at compiling good info. Their list of the top 100 prospects in baseball just came out. The link is here but BA's site might be doing a server time share with USSM because it keeps going down and there is no cached version as of yet. Per Dave the Mariners have:


Adam Moore: 83rd


Commence arguments about placement on the list in 3... 2...