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Jim Bowden Talks To Theo Epstein, Jon Daniels, Dayton Moore, Justin Upton, Kevin Goldstein, And One David Cameron

I don't think I'll ever stop watching this. To hell with you, beautiful afternoon.

<br/><a href="" mce_href="" target="_new" title="GM's Corner: Week 3">Video: GM's Corner: Week 3</a>

Minaya: Hey Jim, I wanted to ask you about Brian Schneider.
Bowden: Schneider? I barely know her!
Minaya: I've got this Milledge guy, think he could be a big-time player.
Bowden: That's what she said!
Minaya: He's still developing, he's not a finished product, but he's developing into something special.
Bowden: I've got something special developing right here.
Bowden: :gestures to crotch:
Minaya: Maybe throw in Ryan Church? Milledge for Schneider and Church? Do you think we could swing that?
Bowden: Yeah, I think we could swing that.
In bed