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Miguel Olivo Fun Fact

Miguel Olivo, as you know, is a Seattle Mariner. Miguel Olivo, as you know, has been a Seattle Mariner before, and when Miguel Olivo was a Seattle Mariner before, he was arguably a worse hitter than Mario Mendoza. Some people have used this history as evidence that Safeco Field is just going to absolutely cripple his offensive value once again over the next two years.

Olivo, as a Mariner, at Safeco: .203/.236/.418
Olivo, as a Mariner, on the road: .149/.200/.247

Olivo, at Safeco, overall: .219/.259/.422

We're dealing with small sample sizes of data, here. And, to be sure, those Safeco numbers aren't great, as they're dragged down by an OBP lower than Garth Brooks' friends. But when Miguel Olivo was a Mariner, Safeco didn't kill him. He was actually at his absolute worst on the road, where he hit like a pitcher.

Safeco Field is not a good fit for Miguel Olivo. It will turn some of his homers and doubles into doubles and outs. That's unavoidable. But let's not overreact. Safeco Field's still a Major League ballpark that doesn't reduce righty pull hitters to rubble. Miguel Olivo could very well have some success.