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How To Tell Your GM Wasn't Involved In A Move

The Mariners signed hotshot teenage Dominican prospect Esteilon Peguero for $2.9m today. Jack Zduriencik's response:

"We are happy to add a multi-tools player at a premium position to our organization," said Jack Zduriencik of the signing. "Congratulations to Bob Engle, Patrick Guerrero and our Latin America scouting staff as we continue to build this organization and assemble talent."

The GM, of course, is seldom involved with these sorts of things, deferring instead to his scouts in the field. That isn't new news. I just wonder why Zduriencik was asked for a quote in the first place when he presumably had very little working knowledge of what was going on or who was getting signed.

Engle: Just so you know, people might starting asking you about this kid we signed pretty soon.
Zduriencik: Beg pardon?
Engle: Latin kid, 17.
Zduriencik: Player or pitcher?
Engle: Player.
Zduriencik: I can wing it.

Zduriencik is reluctant enough to open up when he's right in the middle of everything. Asking him about Peguero was destined to be a waste of everyone's time.