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Barry Bonds' OBP and the Mariners' OPS Fun Fact

In 2004 Barry Bonds had a .609 on base percentage. That's insane of course, but what stuck in my mind about that numbers is that in 2010, the players used by the Seattle Mariners at designated hitter combined to post that same .609 number as their OPS.

2004 Barry Bonds OBP = 2010 Mariners DH OPS

The following people, please take a bow:
Russell Branyan, 221 PAs
Milton Bradley, 114
Ken Griffey Jr., 100
Mike Sweeney, 93
Jose Lopez, 32
Justin Smoak, 22
Franklin Gutierrez, 20
Matt Mangini, 12
Casey Kotchman, 9
Ichiro Suzuki, 8
Mike Carp, 4
Michael Saunders, 4
Matt Tuiasosopo, 3
Eric Byrnes, 1
Ryan Langerhans, 1

For what it's worth, that .609 figure was higher than the OPS put up by Mariner catchers, short stops and third basemen.