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Amaro: So, listen. The reason I've put together this conference call is because I think of our team as a family, and I want to consult with the family before I make any really important decisions.
Amaro: And, right now, I'm facing a really important decision. A decision that could make a world of difference for the next several years. So I wanted to ask you guys - what do you think about Cliff Lee? I've got a chance here. I just want to make sure it's all kosher before I proceed.
Oswalt: Hell yeah!
Hamels: Yes, absolutely!
Utley: Come on man, of course! If you can get him, get him!
Halladay: You've got my full support.
Howard: Bring the man back!
Kendrick: Count me in!
Blanton: NO
Lidge: Sign that bad boy, let's win this thing!
Blanton: NO