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Ken Griffey Jr Signs With Justin Upton's No-Trade List

By now you have seen that Justin Upton's agent tweeted that the Mariners are not in fact on Upton's list of teams that he would prefer not to be traded to. Unless you hadn't seen it. Except now you have. So I was right anyways.

What this means is pure conjecture and probably nothing. Some might be curious why the agency would go out of their way to mention the Mariners if there wasn't something there, but I think that's a bit of hopeful reaching. An ulterior motive does not need to exist behind simply setting the record straight.

Nonetheless, that is encouraging news if you like Justin Upton. Actually, it's encouraging news no matter what. Having options is always better than not having options and I can certainly be glad that the Mariners have an opportunity to ply Upton away from Arizona without yet endorsing whatever package would ultimately be needed.

If you are starving and all you have are some of those non-edible rocks and I'm standing here with a bushel of apples, there's no way that you are worse off by asking how many rocks I might want for an apple. It may turn out that I only want some fresh vanilla-scented candles for my apples. It could also turn out that the rocks you give me are diamonds and you're just too stupid to know what diamonds are. But it could also turn out that I really like plain ol' dumb rocks. I could be some sort of diplodocid.

The point is that having the option to ask is not harmful. The moves that arise out of that can be, but it's important to separate those. It's a one-way street at the moment and that's better than a dead end.