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With obvious exception, it seems to me that countless fans exist for one purpose. And that purpose is to complain. To complain about moves their team's front office makes. To complain about moves their team's front office doesn't make. To complain about which players are playing. To complain about which players aren't playing. To complain about how some players behave themselves. To complain about the manager. To complain about the beat reporters. To complain about ESPN. To complain about the stadium atmosphere. To complain about the umpires.

Even when a team is playing near-flawless baseball and participating in the World Series, so many fans still find a way to complain by pointing out perceived disrespect from opposing fans and the national media. Even with everything going well, fans still find a way to feel like they're being done wrong.

That's the fan landscape. Sure, there are some fans who get it. There are some fans who don't get so riled up. There are some fans who just like taking in a baseball game. But - at least on the internet - so many fans just want to bitch. It's like baseball gives them a means of releasing all the stress they've bottled up from other areas of life.

Yesterday, though, the World Series ended. The 2010 season was brought to a close when Brian Wilson struck out Nelson Cruz with a high and tight fastball. Suddenly, Giants and Rangers fans fell in with everybody else who'd already run out of reasons to complain days or weeks earlier. With the season over and little in the way of new news, there wasn't anything to complain about anymore. So many people must've felt lost.

So Tuesday morning released its preliminary 2011 World Series odds. And now there's stuff to complain about again. New stuff. Next-year stuff.

Braves fan: You gotta be kidding me with this
Reds fan: Don't you even start

Odds pasted below for your perusal. Me, I can't find anything worth complaining about, but then I'm just some unfeeling old man.

Yankees  4/1
Phillies  6/1
Red Sox  10/1
Giants  10/1
Cardinals  14/1     
Rays  14/1     
Twins  16/1     
Rangers  16/1     
Braves  18/1     
Rockies  18/1     
Reds  20/1     
Padres  20/1     
White Sox  22/1     
Dodgers  22/1     
Angels  25/1     
Cubs  30/1     
Tigers  35/1     
Marlins  35/1     
Mets  40/1     
A's  40/1     
Blue Jays  50/1     
Astros  65/1     
Brewers  65/1     
Mariners  70/1     
Orioles  75/1     
Diamondbacks  80/1     
Indians  80/1     
Nationals  80/1     
Royals  125/1     
Pirates  150/1