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Bad News, Texas

Looks like this bad boy's already been decided.


The count stands at 499 for the Giants and 154 for the Rangers as of this writing. If the customer is always right, and if's readers are its customers, then it looks like the Giants have something like a 75% chance of wrapping it all up in Game 5.

What's funny is that is tricking you. By clicking 'Like' next to one of the logos, you think you're simply submitting a vote for which team you think is going to win, or which team you want to win. But you're not. You're actually recommending either this article or this one to your friends on Facebook. How dare you trick me into recommending your content to my friends on Facebook, The only content I want to recommend to my friends on Facebook are YouTube videos of cats eating popcorn.

And don't think I didn't notice the pun in the headline. I mean Jesus Christ