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A Quick Thought On Day 3 Of The Playoffs

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I wasn't planning to write anything tonight, since it's a Friday and I'd like a bit of a break. I'm still not going to write much. I just have to in some way acknowledge the fact that it's been three days so far, and I don't know that I've ever had this much fun watching the playoffs. Certainly not since the Mariners began their ongoing nine-season drought.

We've had a no-hitter. We've had a game that was arguably better than the no-hitter. We had a third stellar gem, and a fourth terrific start that's now long forgotten. We've had umpire controversies. So many umpire controversies, in seemingly every single game. We've had a team beat the hardest documented thrower in Major League history not on hits, but on errors. And we've had a team that looked dead in the water rally against the best bullpen in the playoffs, escape an impossible situation in the tenth, and win it in the 11th on a home run by a walking 6'2 best-selling autobiography. That team held on after losing its closer to injury an inning before.

Tomorrow might suck. All the rest of the playoffs might suck. I don't care. This has already blown my mind.