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Uniform Fan Poll

The crazy thing about uniform changes or announcements isn't the uniforms themselves, but rather the impassioned response from certain corners of the fan base. People tend to get really emotional about clothes. Some people love them. Some people think they're ridiculous. Some people don't really care, but these people are outnumbered and outshouted, mostly because they're not shouting at all, because they don't really care, and no one shouts about their indifference.

I'm sure there's a scientific basis somewhere as to why certain people like certain uniforms while certain other people don't, but I'm unaware of any such explanation, which means these things always seem subjective and irrational. Even more irrational than team rootability. You can usually identify reasons why people like a given team. It's much more difficult to identify reasons why people like a given uniform. It isn't based on hometown or favorite players or cherished memories. It's based on color and design preference, and these things are unpredictable. Sometimes the people themselves can't predict how they'll respond to a change.

So with that and yesterday's announcement in mind, I wanted to poll the crowd and see how people feel about the "northwest green" alternates. I can't tell which way the majority leans from the discussion, so I want some damn numbers.